The Alliance

Shine the light on what's real.

Formerly known as MCA (Multicultural Alliance)

AFP Golden Gate's Alliance seeks to expose and examine the inequalities/biases of culture, race, gender, age, class, and sexual orientation and identify their effects upon our profession and philanthropy as a whole. We discover how best to address and overcome the barriers to communication and relationship-building we face in both the workplace and the fundraising field at large. Let's shine the light on these "taboos" and dream up workable solutions!

Welcome, and join us. Today The Alliance is for us all.

Sample subjects for The Alliance to tackle:
* Wealth inequality between fundraising professionals and the major donors we solicit.
* Gap in pay for males and females in the fundraising profession, especially in leadership roles.
* Barriers in our field for people of color and other underrepresented groups in certain roles (ex: legacy giving officers).
* Dynamics of old money/power on boards of directors; dealing with tokenism and resistance to change; how to build true diversity and inclusion.
* Accessing wealth: the real life struggles of grassroots vs. institutional nonprofits (it's not one-size-fits-all).
* When offensive/ignorant comments are made, how to "call someone in" instead of "calling them out."
* Ageism: have you been considered too young or too old?

Notes for 2017

Programs related to the aims of the Alliance are folded into the general program calendar for 2017. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is working with the Membership and Programs Committee to produce a Forum on Building Diverse & Inclusive Teams for July 2017. In addition, the June Unplugged gathering will celebrate LGBTQ Pride. As part of strategic planning, the AFP Golden Gate will act on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee's recommendations for the chapter's manifesto on this topic.

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