Fridays Online 10/20/2017: How To Work A Room

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Fridays Online: How to Work A Room and Meet Your Goals

When: Friday, October 20, 2017 from 12:00-1:30PM
Where: Online via Zoom video conference link

Fridays Online: Given our chapter's large geographic area, this series aims to gather members and colleagues online during the lunch hour to share ideas, build knowledge and network. The sessions have a nominal fee of $4 for chapter members. We use Zoom video conference, which is a platform where you can see everyone else online in real time (half the fun).

Fee: $4 for AFP Golden Gate Members, $40 for All Others
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This session is full of practical, usable tips for "how to work a room," e.g. a donor or benefit event, gala, program reception, etc.  Our presenter and facilitator, Judy Patrick, is the former President and CEO of the Women's Foundation of California, and Founder of the Women's Policy Institute, which trains grassroots and community-based women to work with legislators in Sacramento to pass bills on key issues in California's communities. As part of their training, Institute Fellows worked with Judy and subsequently "worked" many rooms, entering with a clear goal in mind. Judy will share her tips and best practices for setting an appropriate goal for working a room, showing up as your best self, graciously exiting conversations not meeting your goal, and more! Judy is also a highly experienced fundraiser, so she understands the "rooms we work" very well.

Bring your experiences to share, and get sound advice you can put into action at your next event. This will be a fun session, and young professionals are particularly invited to attend! Joining Judy will be Kim Carter, an alumni from the Women's Policy Institute, who will share how she has used this information in her role as an organizational leader.

JUDY PATRICK has spent 30 years working in the nonprofit sector as a CEO/Executive Director, a program director and manager, a fundraiser, and a public policy advocate. She served as President and CEO of the Women's Foundation of California for seven years. Much of her work during her 15 years with the Foundation focused around public policy work in Sacramento. Prior to the Women's Foundation, she led an arts organization, an organization working on statewide education policy, and an organization providing services to low income Latinas. Judy has always loved the opportunity to provide donors and foundations with investment opportunities that can change people's lives and create stronger communities. In the jobs she has held, she has wanted to get up every morning and build the relationships necessary to ask people for money.

KIM CARTER believes that we are the Author of our Destiny, we get to re-write our story at any given time. It's that belief that yielded her one of CNN's Top 10 Heroes from amongst 50,000 nominations. Kim uses her history of incarceration, addiction and homelessness as her motivation to ensuring others are able to escape those cycles of despair. As the President and CEO of the CHAMP - Center for Housing Advancement & Motivational Projects and the Founding Executive Director of the Time for Change Foundation, she "works many rooms" while advocating for women and their issues. She follows the path that Harriet Tubman blazed: "Be the Change You Want To See."

10/20/2017 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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