Live Webinar Series


Educating fundraisers in the 21st Century.

Gather in one of the webinar venues with other colleagues. Watch the live broadcast from 10:00-11:00AM, then engage in a short peer-to-peer conversation and network, so reserve 10:00-11:30 on your calendar. Earn 1.0 CFRE Credit. Live Webinars are free of charge to AFP members and the general community! Each webinar is also available for individual viewing from for $79 (member rate) and $179 (general community).

The 2019 Live Webinar Series
Go to Events to register in advance at the location of your choice so you receive handouts, etc.

EBCF = East Bay Community Foundation James Irvine Conference Center, Oakland
SIP = Sanford Institute of Philanthropy, JFK University, Pleasanton
FCW = Foundation Center West, San Francisco

February 13
Happy Donors - Keeping and Finding the Best Donors
Presenter: Wayne Olson, Author of The Disney Difference
Locations: EBCF, SIP

March 13
20th Century Grant Applications
Presenter: Diane Gedeon-Marin, The Write Source, Fundraising School Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Locations: EBCF, SIP

April 17
How to Have a Successful Fundraising Campaign in Today's Hyper Busy World
Presenter: Andrea Kihlstedt, Fundraising School Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
Locations: EBCF, SIP, FCW

May 8
Financial Lliteracy: What Every Fundraising Professional Needs to Know
Presenter: Amy Wolfe, Present and CEO of AgSafe
Locations: EBCF, SIP, FCW

June 12
Giving Shifts: How Networks are Catalyzing Change
Presenter: LaTanya Flix, Cause Advance LLC
Locations: EBCF, SIP

July 10
The Art and Science of Effective Gift Acknowledgement
Presenter: Steven Shattuck, Launch Cause
Locations: EBCF, SIP

August 14
Simple Secrets to Succesful Nonprofit Events
Presenter: A.J. Steinberg, Masquerade Events & Queen Bee Fundraising
Locations: EBCF, SIP

September 25
Speak! What to Say (and Not to Say) and How to Say It
Presenter: Beth Wolfer, Coach of 50+ TEDx Salt Lake City Speakers
Locations: EBCF, SIP

October 30
The State of Online Fundraising 2019
Presenter: Mike Snusz, Blackbaud Professional Services
Locations: EBCF, SIP

November 20
Multi-Channel Storytelling to Amp Up Your Fundraising & Other Campaigns
Presenter: Alizah Epstein, Epstein Creative Group
Locations: EBCF, SIP

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