About AFP Golden Gate


The Association of Fundraising Professionals Golden Gate Chapter promotes philanthropy and supports the effective and ethical work of the diverse community of Bay Area fundraising professionals.


Who is AFP Golden Gate?

Members are active Bay Area professionals--development and communications leaders, executive directors, associates, managers, consultants and board members. Programs take on provocative topics, deliver experience with latest practice, provide mentoring, and give members an inclusive platform to meet and talk about what matters.

The chapter is rich in opportunities to know people in organizations small to large who work on a great variety of missions, and in all stages of career development. The Bay Area is one of the most robust nonprofit and philanthropic communities in the world. Members meet their peers at AFP Golden Gate!


A Global Effort

AFP Golden Gate is one of the largest chapters in the worldwide Association of Fundraising Professionals. Members can take advantage of numerous benefits through Global such as training in leadership and negotiation, assessment and resume building, and fundraising ethics. The quarterly journal is the only journal existing that is solely about fundraising and the Annual International Conference is a best-in-class learning and networking experience.

IDEA: Inclusion-Diversity-Equity-Access

Board Resolution Approved March 2017

WHEREAS the mission of AFP Golden Gate:

  • promotes philanthropy and support the effective and ethical work of the diverse community of Bay Area fundraising professionals; and,
  • is committed to educating and encouraging its members and the philanthropy sector to better serve their respective communities; and,
  • defines diversity as the meaningful recognition of individual and collective differences in identities, perspectives, traditions, abilities, and life experiences; and,
  • values and believes in inclusiveness as a means to effectively support all philanthropic professionals in their pursuit to create a world where every living thing can thrive; and,
  • seeks to create a diverse and inclusive industry that inspires and attracts an intergenerational group of fundraising professionals; and,
  • recognizes disparities in philanthropic leadership and is committed to creating opportunities for diverse leadership—one that reflects the profession and the communities we serve; and,
  • rigorously upholds a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and create safer spaces to call out inherent bias and discrimination in all its forms; and,
  • is committed to building a chapter that is reflective of the rich diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area; and,
  • acknowledges that to become an inclusive chapter is a learning process and will be proactive in the pursuit of meaningful diversity and inclusion practices; and,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT AFP Golden Gate is committed to diversity and inclusion as an ongoing proactive process in its governance, committees, membership, programs, and activities.


Strategic Plan 2018-2020
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